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Because When You Live in Texas, You Can Camp in the Winter….

Good morrrrrrrrnnnnniiiiinnnnng! I can’t tell if that came off as cheerful or obnoxious, I’m okay with either.

It’s Wednesday, you know what the means! It’s almost #TGIT! For those of you that don’t participate in watching three hours of riveting television every Thursday night, it’s probably for the best; Shonda Rhimes is nothing but a teasing heart breaker who enjoys killing off our most beloved characters just to remind us that she is in total control of our emotions *I MISS YOU McDREAMY!* Anyway.  This blog post is especially exciting, because it’s our first feature post! Back in September, we paired up with Napier to do a giveaway, the winner received a free tent and gift card.

The winner of that contest recently took a trip to Palo Duro Canyon State Park in Texas and used her camping goodies for the first time.

She was gracious enough to share pictures with us and answer a few questions to feature in our blog, in hopes to motivate you lazy winter bums to get up and explore! (as I’m sitting on my couch in yoga pants typing this…) Caitlin, her husband, parents, and little pup Chuy (eekkkkk he’s so cute I just want to kidnap him! <—Awkward? Maybe a little) all set out to explore The Grand Canyon of Texas! Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with America’s natural beauty, these pictures blew me away; Everything’s bigger in Texas and this canyon is no exception.

Look at that cute little tent!

We asked Caitlin a few questions about her experience: Q: What area of the state park did you stay in? C: We stayed in the Mesquite camping area <—- Make sure you write that down, you’re going to want to stay there, trust me.


Q: What sites did you see? C: There are sooo many trails. J


The Light House, Rock Gardens, and our new favorite, an unmarked trail near Mesquite camping area.

Adrian, just hanging out.


The Lighthouse
Caitlin, are you sure that background is real? #NoFilter
Little Chuy!
image4 (1)
Sunsets are best viewed from the top.

image14image11 *Caitlin used her gift card to purchase our sportz air mattress and model 250 solar flashlight* Q: What did you think of the tent? C: The tent is amazing! It has so much more space than I imagined.  It feels so much more safe and comfortable being off of the ground.

It was very easy to assemble and take down. The mattress was perfect for our trip.

It fits nicely between the wheel wells in the truck bed and the built in hand pump is perfect, because you don’t have to bring a separate pump or worry about having power to get it aired up.

Q: What did you think of your flashlight? C: Love that it’s solar powered, but can also be charged up pretty quickly via usb.

Seems to hold a charge great! I love that you have the option to charge your phone from it as well! And the best part- it’s pink! image1 (2) Q: What are some places you’re looking forward to going now that you have the tent? C: I am really looking forward to going on many more trips now that we have the tent! My family goes to lake Texoma often and I would love to take it there and anywhere in Colorado! We look forward to hearing all about Caitlin’s trips this summer and yours! Feel free to send us an email or Facebook message, sharing your experiences and we’ll feature it in our blog! Adrian and Caitlin: Thank you both so much for sharing your fun weekend getaway with us.

We’re thrilled you are loving your new gear and that you get to experience exactly what we mean when we say, “feel the freedom.” We love you, guys, stay safe, keep exploring, and take in every single moment


*cheers!* image3 (2)   Seeing our customers enjoying our products is what keeps us going. We love that we can offer families simplicity and freedom to explore.

It’s an age-old saying, but it rings true: “life is too short.” It’s too short to waste time planning an itinerary, being cooped up in hotel rooms, being so frustrated during your vacations that you can’t even enjoy them.


When you buy a tent, you get a lifestyle. You pack up the kids and the dog for the weekend and you drive to the most breathtaking views and you stay there.

Then you wake up to those views, you explore those views, and you go to sleep under the stars, admiring those views.

It’s a one time purchase for a lifetime of unique experiences.

So, go out there, find yourself, lose yourself, and take in every single moment. This world is beautiful and you deserve to explore every square inch of it.


-Madison and The Out And About Green family.

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