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Ello! Fun and completely irrelevant fact- I’ve always wished I was British.

So, for those of our readers that don’t know, I am still in college.

I’ve been in college forrrrreveerrrrrr! I swear I am not one of those six year seniors who keeps taking classes like tree climbing or basket weaving to stay in college because I can’t handle the real world.

I took a year off and when I changed schools, several of my credits didn’t transfer, blah blah blah, but I just added a double major, so that has added an extra semester onto my total.

So, I guess I am one of those six year seniors who takes really hard classes, while living in the real world and can’t wait to be done….only to attend law school afterwards (absolutely none of that sounds appealing when I say it out loud…) Was all of that as exhausting to read as it was to type? Back to my original thought, college! As I was walking to class today, I thought, “How many of our readers sent their babies off to college this year?” Then, light bulb! What better gift for your college student than a cargo carrier or car tent? I wish I would have thought about writing on this earlier, before classes started, but it’s never too late.

Remember from my last post, 27 days left of summer! Listen parents, guardians, heads of the households: I know you want to believe your child is in the library all weekend, but spoiler alert: they’re not. I’m sure they had every intention of doing just that….until something better came up.They’re spending time with their friends, of course! They have all the time in the world to spend the night in the library, like in their sixth year, when they’re taking tree climbing and basket weaving courses. I’m totally kidding.

Well, statistically speaking, one of our readers’ child will be that person…

Anyway, they can use their cargo carriers and tents on the weekends! It’s the perfect way for them to get off campus and have some fun outside. It’s especially perfect for those moments of writers block or stress overload–nothin’ a little fresh air can’t fix.

Plus, they can pitch their tent in the backyard for when you turn their bedroom into the workout room you’re never going to use and that way you don’t have to feel bad about it. If you’re a college student reading this, live in your tent and shower at the campus gym. No, I’m not serious. But, economically speaking, that’s a genius idea and I am now considering it.

If you’re a parent, but your kids aren’t in college, I’m sure they would love a cargo basket for their next road trip.

Do people still fly??? If you’re not a parent or a college student (these are the smart people) buy yourself a tent! Buy yourself two tents! That’s the best part about your lifestyle, all your money goes to yourself.

If that were me, I would fill my tent up with money and just swim in it…I digress. I joke around a lot (it’s a coping mechanism to avoid real feelings) but I am really passionate about sharing my love for the outdoors. I know so many of our readers are putting off their purchase because summer is coming to a close, but don’t let that detour you. The outdoors is a 365 day business, I promise. You don’t have to go camping in 30 degree chills, but try skiing! Hook up your cargo basket to the roof of your car and take a trip to Utah, Colorado, Tahoe, wherever, just explore.  Go outside your comfort zone.

Okay, but if you hate skiing, just go snow tubing and drink the slopes’ hot chocolate, tottttalllly worth it! -I’m still considering living in my tent….

As a society, we’ve become too comfortable with the indoors.

You know those spring mornings, after a long night of rainfall, you walk outside to your car or to get your paper (do people still read newspapers?) do you even stop and smell the rain? Do you notice the birds chirping out of pure happiness from having water? We’ve become so disconnected from nature.  Everyone has their spot in the world.

For some the lake, others it’s the forest or acres and acres of land, and for me, it’s the mountains.  There is nothing like getting to the top and breathing in pure, crisp, fresh air.

Everything just seems so peaceful and simple.

Then you get down to the bottom and all of the sudden everything is chaotic and complicated.
Figure out where your spot is, a place where you feel complete freedom and calmness, there’s a chance you have many spots.

Stay there for a day; cherish it, appreciate it, and visit it often. Don’t ever let finances stop you from exploring.

Make the one time purchase for a tent and stay anywhere…all you have to do is take the plunge. Heck, buy a bike rack and take your two wheels off road…whatever suits you, just do it. Don’t wake up ten years from now and ponder all of the different places you could have seen between now and then. The seasons are changing and maybe some of the views, but your spot will always be there.

Go find it.  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”- J.R.R.

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