Off-The-Grid Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Thanksgiving, an American tradition, got to love it; any excuse for mashed potatoes, I say! Food, family, and football all in one day.  What could be better? Well—Actually there are some things that come pretty close.

The great outdoors! We have recently become obsessed with off-the-grid living.

In case it’s not obvious, we love the outdoors here at OAAG and while doing some land searching for an off-the-grid cabin, we came across this great company: Stratus Real Estate.



I love their mission If you’ve been craving more time outdoors and want a piece of Heaven on Earth to call your own, give them a look: f


We chose Colorado and to say we are madly in love would be an understatement.

Mountain views and far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city (yeah, I’m talking to you, Nashville, Kansas City, Houston, Los Angeles, D.C., and all points between).  We cannot wait to get our Napier tent out there (we personally have the SUV model for our Jeep), add to that the way cool PUC that expands into a lantern and can charge your phone in a pinch.




We always keep the Mammoth handy for serious occasions that require intense light and has the great magnet feature if you happen to need to check under the hood.


Enjoy this time of the year with your loved ones and for the love of gouda cheese, just stay home and shop online, you can find us here 24/7. l

Get outside, enjoy the crisp fall air, and never stop exploring.

As always, may you continue to feel the freedom.

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