The Greenest of Lanterns

For those of you that don’t know, #transformationtuesday is an obnoxious weekly Instagram ritual where users post “then and now” pictures of themselves. Although obnoxious, I still wish I could participate, but the only difference between my two-year-old-self and now, is that I grew two inches; rather lackluster in the transformation department.

Nonetheless, I’m excited to post about #transformationtuesday now. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting stranded in The Middle of Nowhere, Kansas.

I’m 99% sure that was the name of the town.



Actually, I’m 99% sure that is the name of the majority of towns in Kansas.


I’m from the Midwest, so I’m allowed to say that. My car ended up dying on the side of the highway and my phone was on 3%…..and then 1% after I got done calling roadside assist; I had to wait about 2.5 hours for a tow truck. So, as I am sitting in the tallgrass (how Kansas does this all sound, I mean, come on) getting a little worried, as dusk was approaching, I remembered I had one of our solar lanterns in the car.

Now, the main purpose of a lantern is light, I get it, but I’m a millennial, so I was most excited about the fact that I could charge my phone with it; the light was just sort of a bonus. IMG_4629 There’s a picture of me, sitting in the tallgrass, charging my phone, like a bada$% (I’m not allowed to curse in my blog posts, I’ve been reminded several times).


Also, my shirt says, “I want pizza, not feelings.” The shirt has no relevance to the story, but I felt it was worth noting.

It was 100 degrees that night….also irrelevant, but just wanted to take the opportunity to complain about it.


As I was sitting on the side of the highway, I thought to myself, “People used to do this whole charade without cell phones….in fact, it wasn’t that long ago people used lanterns just for…..light.” The horror! So, here’s a toast to the transformation of lanterns and the many purposes they now serve. Lantern 1Lantern 2 Lantern 4 Lantern 3 Our lantern isn’t our only solar powered light source that charges your electronic devices.

Check out our different options under our, “Hybrid Lights” tab.

Any of our lights are great for everyday use or to throw in your car to have for those times you never think you’ll need it.

As summer is coming to a close (well, for some of the country, anyway) we hope that you’ve enjoyed all of your OAAG purchases and really let yourself feel the freedom that our products offer.

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