This little compact 4 oz companion will light up your life at a  convenient 7″ pocket size length.

Hybrid Solar Flashlight HL-40

Price: $17.95

This larger HL160 4.5oz companion will provide super-bright 160 lumens of power. Measuring just 6″ in length.

Hybrid Solar Flashlight - Model 160

Price: $29.95

Hybrid Solar Flashlight – Model 250

This HL250 7 oz Flashlight will provide 16 hours on low beam, 8 hours on high beam of power. Measuring just 8.5″ long.


Price: $49.95

The head lamp you won’t replace every 2 weeks. Provides super bright LED 75 lumens.  Water resistant. Recharges with any light source and has lithium back up. Holds a charge for up to 7 years at 90%.  Ready when you are.

Hybrid Solar Headlamp

Price: $19.95

Mammoth Auto Light

The Mammoth will keep you safe and your devices charged in any and all situations. This amazingly bright wonder stays powered for years, and boasts a built-in USB port you can use to power your phones and more.


At This Time The Mammoth Light in this color will take 45 days for Delivery , if you would like it quicker please order camo below.

A Bluetooth Speaker that also functions as a Lantern, a Flashlight, FM Radio and a Micro SD Card Reader ALL-IN-ONE.
Price: $49.95
The Journey 160 is our most versatile, multifunctional, and rugged flashlight that features a fully waterproof enclosure.
Price: $39.95
The Journey 250 is our rugged and multifunctional workhorse. It’s a versatile and waterproof flashlight with a super-bright LED at 250 lumens.
Price: $49.95
The Mammoth Multi Light is a versatile, rugged, and multifunctional workhorse that’s perfect for all the grease monkeys or outdoorsmen out there.
Price: $69.95